About Us

About Us

Vintage Walls is located at:

Via del fante 20 – 98168 Messina


Tel: 0039 347 49 38 208

weekdays from 09:00am – 7:00pm

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Vintage inspires artists.
Its mood is constantly present in new collections for Home, Clothing, Accessories.
Artists, photographers, set designers, graphic designers,basically anyone who appreciates design, loves vintage wares and take advange of them.
They can reproduce a retro style, something that echoes Vintage.
But those very colors, texture and detail,are not duplicated with modern materials and printing techniques.
Buying vintage is rather like hunting for buried treasure (N.Y.T)
Buying vintage actually means to be at the cutting edge.

But it also means recycling the best of the past and helping preserve our planet a little longer.




Via del fante 20

98168 Messina ITALY


tel.: +39-34749 38 208


P.I.(VAT): IT 03166750830

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